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Here's what my clients are saying....

"Over the years Chris Olsen has helped our family with many challenging legal issues, including corporate, real estate, retirement, music business, and a variety of personal concerns. His experience and knowledge of today’s legal system is impressive and he operates from the very highest level of integrity. I would highly recommend Chris Olsen for any legal challenges, problems, concerns or questions."


     ~ J. Michael Dolan, Founder and former CEO, Music Connection Inc.

"We have used Chris Olsen's services numerous times. We have always been satisfied with the outcome, and feel confident recommending Chris's services. We have known Chris for many years, and we are confident in his integrity and abilities as a lawyer."


     ~ Cathy and Patrick Warburton

“I have relied on Chris Olsen to handle both my personal and corporate legal needs for more than a decade.  He has always been attentive, reliable, informed and has consistently provided sound insight and the proper guidance to successfully lead us to good outcomes. Being embroiled in legal problems is a time of stress. It is during these troubled times that it is very important to have an advocate who you not only trust to be a competent attorney, but who you can trust to be at your side, honestly caring and doing what is best for you.  Chris is that kind of attorney and friend.”


     ~ Eric Yeakey, President, Wingate Dunross, Inc.

“Chris Olsen has been a crucial member of my team throughout my career. He incorporated my interior design business and created the contracts I use with my clients. Additionally, he was instrumental in defending me in a lawsuit I was brought into between a client of mine and their general contractor. He worked swiftly and effectively to have me withdrawn from the case without financial consequence.  He is eloquent, attentive and has a firm grasp of the law. I highly recommend him.”


     ~ Mara Bear, President, Mara Bear Design, Inc.

“We have had over 20 years of prompt, trustworthy and honest counsel with Chris Olsen.  It is an honor for us to recommend Chris for any of your legal requirements."


     ~ Jack D. Smith and Abby Dalton

"Thank you for doing an outstanding job, fighting like a lion and not ever letting go. I am proud for having you as my guide and my shield when times were unpromising and filled with doubt and when only the wisdom of the willing counsel can do."


     ~ Bozidar Bankovic

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